Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism! Poltava drug treatment clinic.

addiction Treatment
Alcohol addiction, Withdrawal from binge!

addiction Treatment

Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in Ukraine Poltava narcological clinic
Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism
Drug Treatment Clinic in Poltava

you – Mama, woman, man, father, daughter, son, grandmother, brother or sister. You know firsthand the words "alcoholic"Or"addict». Your main feelings were – pain, fear and hopelessness. You tried hard to help: "Encoding of alcoholism", "Psychiatrist at home" etc.. you are urged, Blagaj, frightened, forced, explained. Your strength is almost gone. Your loved one again and returns to the past life and kill myself before your eyes. You understand, that the question: "How to stop drinking?"Or" How to quit using drugs?», you no answer. And you apply for help. You type in a search engine: addiction Treatment, narkologіchny center, drug clinics, withdrawal from binge, rehabilitation center for drug addicts, narkologіchny dispensary. You are on the right track. After all, you are not the first, who faced this disaster, and we can help you.

Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, and rehabilitation and reintegration addicts – our main profile. In the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, we use Minesotsku program "12 Steps», recognized by the World Health Organization the most efficient and effective in overcoming addictions and is recommended for use in Ukraine Ministry of Health!
In this paper, we use as a basis the principle influence on all areas of a person's identity: Health Protection, mentality, as well as social and spiritual spheres. addiction Treatment, alcoholism treatment, treatment of gambling and other addictions, and withdrawal from binge, based on our treatments have helped many of our customers to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism carried out in three stages:

1) Preferably the medication phase (Drug detoxification)

Drug Detoxification (detox) dependent on drugs and alcohol, came to us for treatment in severe physical condition, ie remove withdrawal symptoms or so-called "break-up" or "hangover". Detoxification conducted by an experienced psychiatrist doctor and qualified medical staff.

Our drug treatment center accepts patients in any physical state!

2) Rehabilitation in hospital

At this stage of the recovering addict, alcoholic or gamblers are specialists in the field of chemical dependency treatment disease, psychologist and chemical dependency consultants. At the same hour viduzhuyuchy addict, alcoholic gamers or under the supervision of doctors and nurses, who monitor his physical health. We help our clients understand the reasons for the use of, realize their impotence to drug, alcohol or gambling and find the strength to stay sober and find the meaning of life.

3) Outpatient rehabilitation

At this stage, we are helping a recovering addict, alkogolіku, or gamblers get rid of the psychological need to use, acquire solving skills: difficult situations in "sober", healthy relationships with family, adaptation in society. Outpatient rehabilitation program helps recovering people understand themselves and their lives, begin to live a new, sober and happily.

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Treatment of drug addiction in the center spent my brother. Brought him there can say that force. Encouraged by the fact that treatment was productive. Dependence gone. Brother leads a normal life.